Stylist Pull Form


Pulling Process:

    1. You will be charged a 20% restock fee on the overall amount, the day you pull product (non-negotiable).
    2. You must fill out the application form below completely - if your submission is accepted, a member of our team will reach out to arrange the pull appointment. 
    3. As security, Zai Studios will take a credit card number. Any lost or damaged items will be invoiced accordingly at full retail price to the credit card.
    4. You agree to take full responsibility and care for all items whilst in your possession. 
      1. Must submit 5 -10 photos after the shoot that we can publish on our social channels.
      2. Must tag @zaistudios visibly in all social media posts in the photo on social posts.
      3. Must credit Zai Studios for wardrobe (ie. Stylist: Sarah Smith, Wardrobe: Zai Studios)
      1. The signor will give Zai Studios full credit in print, online, social media or on television.
      2. A copy of the publication in which the item will be used will be sent to Zai Studios if relevant. 
      3. Zai Studios reserves the right to use the images for its own promotional purposes across all social media channels. 

Return Policy:

  1. The item/s must be returned in the same condition in which they were received by the RETURN DATE. This includes labels and price tags in original condition. For events and appearances, garments MUST BE DRYCLEANED before returning.
  2. Stylist will be charged full price for any missing or damaged items
  3. All pieces must be returned within 72 hours (unless otherwise approved in advance)
  4. Zai Studios reserves the right to invoice full value for any items not received back by the agreed-upon RETURN DATE. 

If you agree to these terms please let me know this further information below *
One submitted please wait 24 hours for us to get back to you and Thank You for choosing ZAI!

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